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Providing Biblically based,
clinically sound,
professional counseling
in a caring, compassionate environment.

Individual, Family, and Marital Therapy
908 West Chandler Blvd, Suite C-8
Chandler, Arizona 85225

Services Provided
- Individual counseling for adolescents and adults,
- Couples and family counseling
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Medicare
  • Aetna
  • MHN
  • HMC Healthworks
  • TriWest

Oasis Christian Counseling is a network provider for individual counseling with the following insurance companies:

Other insurance companies can be billed but would be considered an out-of-network benefit.

908 West Chandler Blvd, Suite C-8
Chandler, AZ 85225

The office is in the Chandler Center office complex.
There are 4 buildings with the 908 address, A-D. Building C is located directly behind Building B. The easiest way to find it is to enter the complex via Alma School Road and drive straight back.

You will see 908 A & B directly in front of you. Veer a little to your left, drive to the back, and you will see Building C on your right. You can park anywhere near there. Take the sidewalk between Building B & C to the SW corner of Building C where you will see my entrance.
Kathy Gerstner, LCSW
Kathy has been in the counseling field for over 30 years. She received her Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of Chicago in 1987 and has had a variety of experiences through her work in a number of different settings. She has worked in community mental health, an inpatient psychiatric hospital, substance abuse, geriatrics, and private practice. Much of her work has focused on women's issues, depression, anxiety, addictions, and trauma.

Kathy believes therapy is about healing and change. She approaches this with a style of empathy and warmth which helps her clients feel at ease. She has a passion to see people grow to health and maturity in all aspects of life, especially emotional, spiritual and relational. She relies on a variety of approaches to achieve this growth, including CBT and EMDR.

Kathy is the mother of 4 children. She is active in her church community. Her hobbies include hiking, music, reading, traveling and spending time with her family.
(480) 382-0810
Lynn Goodwin, LAC
Lynn is a Licensed Associate Counselor who graduated from Liberty University with her dual Bachelor’s in Religious Studies and Psychology at Liberty University and has completed her Master’s of Professional Counseling at Grand Canyon University. Lynn is also an AACC certified Biblical Counselor, certified as a pre martial and marriage check-up facilitator through SYMBIS, and EMDR trained.

Lynn believes that all individuals are uniquely gifted, have immeasurable purpose and value, and are all deserving of emotional, mental, spiritual wellness. She also believes that wellness is a lifelong journey filled with opportunities for healing and growth. God has equipped each person to overcome challenges and pain; however, understands that we sometimes need some help finding answers. She is committed to helping individuals, couples, and families find the answers they need through utilizing counseling tools and techniques that are unique to the needs of each individual. Her primary tool is EMDR. Her life experience along with her education, compassion for others, and faith enable her to create a safe and supportive space for each person to access their strength and find healing and personal growth.
(480) 447-5420